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Bagels Botox and Barbells

Bagels, Botox and Barbells is a an upbeat real life, education podcast. Hosted by Dr Chrisna Ravyse, health and wellness professional and researcher together with her lifelong friend; Marna Fox and exceptional health and life coach.  Sharing their own journey and struggles with living a health life after forty.

Dec 8, 2020

As a new-born baby, we enter the world by inhaling, by taking your first breath. In leaving earth, we exhale. Breathing is so central to life that it is often overlooked as essential and it's important to note its value not only to survival but to the functioning of the body and mind and of course improving your well-being.

Today's episode we are discussing the benefits of mindful breathing and types of breathing you can practice to maintain your health, be happy, avoid illness and get well faster.

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