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Bagels Botox and Barbells

Bagels, Botox and Barbells is a an upbeat real life, education podcast. Hosted by Dr Chrisna Ravyse, health and wellness professional and researcher together with her lifelong friend; Marna Fox and exceptional health and life coach.  Sharing their own journey and struggles with living a health life after forty.

May 18, 2021

Getting fit and staying fit can be challenging sometimes. The key is to find something that you love and is a whole lot of fun.

Today we will be talking to Veronica Deac, fitness professional and owner of the Turku Kangoo Jumps Fitness studio in Finland.

Veronica is Romanian, 45 years old, living in Finland for the last 11 years, a single mother of 2 kids, an entrepreneur, with an economic degree. She is a certified fitness trainer for Kangoo Jumps fitness program (rebounding shoes) and Freestyler functional training with a board. She is the exclusive distributor for Finland for these fitness products.

She has classes both in her studio from Turku, Finland (Apilakatu 2) and online in a facebook group: Veronica Deac Kangoo Jumps FB group where the videos are saved after each class, so you can train whenever you wish. The workouts are easy to follow and the steps are explained many times. If you want to check these out, please follow her facebook page: Kangoo Jumps Finland FB  or her IG

By using Kangoo jumps shoes, your health can benefit in 33 ways, among other things, your joints are protected because there is an Impact Protection System patented in the shoes, which absorbs almost 80% of the impact with the ground, it improves balance, posture, coordination, bone density, core stability, the blood circulation, the VO2 max intake (which means a better cardiorespiratory system), it reduces stress and depression, by releasing happy hormones, because it is a lot of fun, it makes the lymphatic system to work better , weight loss, fat burning by increasing the amount of calories burnt in shorter time, you can build both muscle strength and resistance because the shoes are 4 kg together and you have this load all the time in your legs while exercising.

Veronica's mission in life is to show that exercising is not just hard work, but also it can be exciting, with lots of fun, laughter, people who are as friends around you and with many challenges that are similar to adventures.

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