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Bagels Botox and Barbells

Bagels, Botox and Barbells is a an upbeat real life, education podcast. Hosted by Dr Chrisna Ravyse, health and wellness professional and researcher together with her lifelong friend; Marna Fox and exceptional health and life coach.  Sharing their own journey and struggles with living a health life after forty.

Jun 1, 2021

The million dollar question? Do you wash your fruit and veggies before using them?

Honestly, not the most fun thing to do for most of us, but quite important if you are not buying pre-washed veggies and fruit already.

There are a few reasons it’s important to rinse every fruit and veg you consume with water to ensure they are clean. First, there’s often dirt on them before they’re washed, and more pressing, many fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides or might be have bacterial contamination.

In this week's episode there is a few confessions, but also some tips to wash your food, cleaning your fridge and keeping your veggies and fruit last longer.

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