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Bagels Botox and Barbells

Bagels, Botox and Barbells is a an upbeat real life, education podcast. Hosted by Dr Chrisna Ravyse, health and wellness professional and researcher together with her lifelong friend; Marna Fox and exceptional health and life coach.  Sharing their own journey and struggles with living a health life after forty.

Nov 16, 2021

You might see Go Sober for October being advertised every year, but how much should we be turning our attention to our alcohol consumption and is it something we should always be mindful of? Are you fully aware of the effects of alcohol on your health.

In this week's episode we talk about the effects of alcohol, but we are not going to tell you to stop drinking wine or gin at all. We will be providing tips on low calorie drinks to prevent weight gain and many more.

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